I’ve made close friends who can understand manga-related work.
It was a detour, but I’m glad that I came here.


manga creator from Kumamoto city, Kumamoto prefecture.

Question 1

Why did you decide to move into the Artists Village?

When I received an award for my entry for COAMIX's Kyushu Manga Award, I was approached by the COAMIX staff and was asked to draw a manga featuring the 096k Kumamoto Drama Company that is training at the Artists Village. I thought it would be easier to get my work done and get the group’s references if I stayed close to the facilities. After the negotiations were finished at the end of 2020, I paid my first visit to the facilities in February 2021 and finally made the decision to move in.

Actually, I had visited the place back then when it was still a hot spring spa. Although I was born and raised in Kumamoto city, my current home is not far away from the Artists Village, so I had visited the hot spring spa before with my family. Perhaps the fact that it was not an unknown place to me was also an important factor that made me decide to move in. I started living here from April 16.

Question 2

What do you think of the Artists Village as an environment for drawing manga?

The Art Studio contains spacious individual working tables and digital tools, so I would say it’s easy to create manga here. Wi-Fi is also available, so it’s easy to connect with the COAMIX editors in Tokyo.

In my opinion, the best thing about the Artists Village is that it is shared by other manga creators. The work of a manga creator is a peculiar one, and lonely- even for close friends it is difficult to relate. This is not the case for the Artists Village, as I am surrounded by friends who understand every subtle aspect of manga-related work. I am truly thankful for this kind of environment.

The living quarters are also comfortable. On top of having an individual room, there is a common living room and a large washer dryer-combo, a shower, and a large TV. It is easy to live here. There’s no need to worry about electricity costs, so all in all, life here is much nicer compared to living in a single apartment.

As for the meals, they are provided by a professional team that carefully plans three meals per day, so you can enjoy a fully nutritious life here. Before moving here, I tended to get busy right before deadlines, so I had no time to eat, but my eating habits have improved here.

Question 3

What is your typical day like?

I usually arrive at the Art Studio at 10AM and start with my work. I immerse myself into drawing, so except for my lunch and dinner break I stay there until 9PM, when the facilities close for the day. On my days off, I usually go shopping for daily necessities or I stay at home and draw.

Question 4

What is your next goal?

If possible, I’d like to be active as long as possible. I would like to write an ongoing series about the 096k Kumamoto Drama Company or publish a one-shot in COAMIX’s Monthly Comic ZENON magazine. I want to cherish this opportunity of being able to live and work here.

Question 5

Please leave a message for people who are thinking of moving into the Artists Village.

Compared to back then when I lived by myself, I am currently able to pour all my energy into creating manga, thanks to an environment where I don’t need to worry about money or monthly costs.

A self-publishing manga creator friend in middle school invited me to start drawing manga and I continued ever since. I hoped that one day manga would become my job. So for me, who was invited to draw manga at the Artists Village, this environment is truly great. I took a “detour” before I arrived here, but I’m glad that I’m here now. For people who are thinking of working as a professional manga creator, I would definitely recommend this charming place.

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